Rejoice Limousine Service Celebrates 3rd Year of Operation in Luxury Transportation Industry

Executive Leadership to Create Waves in the Pool with Innovative Customer Experiences

Houston, Texas (February 7, 2018) – What do you do when you have an amazing company and story to tell? You build your team and hire a marketing company and get ready for growth.  Rejoice Limousine Services, LLC has been in operation for three years in Houston, Texas founded by serial entrepreneur Sunny Kumar.

Left to right: Maria Paez, Hellen Kumar, Sheryll Jones, Sunny Kumar, Andy Valadez, Jimmy Smith, and Jose Morin

“I never planned to start a limousine company,” says Sunny, Founder and President, “I have consulted and grown businesses in the technology, consumer services and adult beverages sector with sales on every continent and billions of dollars in revenues. I love serving people and helping them to celebrate their time here on Earth.”

“We have seen this business as an opportunity to expand our love into the marketplace,” says Mr. Kumar, “What better way than do it, than through a luxury limo experience.”

“In our business, we have an opportunity to meet exciting people who live in luxury,” say Hellen Kumar, Co-founder and President (spouse), “We needed a marketing company to help us to translate our message and reach clients who understand what we are providing to the local and international community and thankfully our VP of Business Development, Sheryll Jones came on board to help us grow our vision.”

“As a military veteran, trusted professional in corporate America, I wanted to be a part of something truly remarkable,” says Sheryll Jones, VP of Business Development, “My career has taken me on a unique trajectory and I want to invest in the vision that Rejoice Limousine Service has for its clients and business network.”


Rejoice Limousine Service understands the principles and best-practices of the current state-of-the-industry for luxury transportation.  However, there are is always room for improvement.

Rejoice Limousine Service recently retained innovative boutique marketing agency, Marketing Dynamics to help position the company for its thoughtful and considerate offering like no other.

“It turns out that I knew Sunny from a previous introduction over 10 years ago and was reintroduced by Sheryll,” says Andy Valadez of Marketing Dynamics, “I knew they were unlike any other company I have experienced and had an opportunity to see them in action at a recent bridal reception for brides in Katy.  The dynamic team came together and decided to bless a husband and wife Pastoral couple with an anniversary limo ride coming up in May.  The couple cried and little did we know, they had just survived a tough year with cancer and didn’t know what they were going to do for their anniversary. This is going to be a fun ride.”

Left to right: Pastors Bonnie and Thaddeus Van Samuel (Celebrate 27 years in May) Life Center Church

To learn more about Rejoice Limousine Service visit their new website at and follow along for the journey.


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