Fallen Warriors Memorial Grand Opening Ceremony

Article by Andy Valadez, Marketing Director (USMC Veteran)

What an incredible honor and privilege to attend the Grand Opening of the Fallen Warriors Memorial this Saturday (3/24/18). The ceremony was well-attended by Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies, Rolling Thunder, Patriot Guard, The Blue Knights, representatives from the U.S. Marines and Army, countless veterans, community leaders, well-wishers, and the media.

I happened to know about the event through a mutual friend of Ken Pridgeon’s (artist and honoree), Don Currie.

I met Don Currie a year ago and introduced him to a business friend and art sophisticate Bruce Badeau for a painting that Ken Pridgeon had done of President Trump he created during the pre-election that now hangs in Bruce’s office.  Don later introduced me to Ken and it has been an amazing discovery to learn of his mission to create galleries across America for our fallen military killed-in-action in foreign lands.

What an amazing man with a vision.  We celebrated his resolve and the Gold Star families who attended and were allowed to walk-in first to see their loved ones on the walls of this incredible memorial.

Pray for our nation and our men and women in uniform who fight the good fight and for our communities who will never forget their sacrifice.

While I was there, I met this lovely couple (pictured below) who lost their son to war.  It was an honor to share with them, that because of their leadership and sacrifice in raising such a good young man, our nation was honored to have him on the front lines in our ranks of defenders, that his memory will never be lost, and that others in his circle will make an impact on our nation for greatness.

It was wonderful to see our community come together to celebrate the memory of our fallen warriors. It was especially incredible to see an elder veteran and citizen like Mr. Ken Pridgeon, be so richly blessed and recognized for his tireless effort to ensure that our nation never forgets those who gave all; so that we can enjoy our freedom in America!

Ken Pridgeon is a man who will not abandon the memory of our fallen and will keep painting until the last shot is fired.

Ken Pridgeon, Honoree and Legend

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