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State-of-the-ride Fleet

We have been fortunate to acquire the latest fleet models in Houston.  We feature impeccable vehicles, licensed, trained and background-checked professional drivers and possess a knowledge of city routes that will leave you impressed.

Welcome to Luxury

Rejoice Limousine Service company is like no other.  When the founders Sunny and Helen Kumar started the company, they wanted to be known for the truly remarkable experiences you may only see in a movie, read in a book, or shared by word-of-mouth that seems like a dream.

We cater to people just like you!  Local business leaders, politicians, entertainment stars, sports legends, families with a budget, and international dignitaries.

Our database of clients are earned with each memorable interaction and we are blessed to receive favorable reviews, personal texts, letters and take photo/video-ops with our client's best interest and privacy in mind.

We are Rejoice Limousine Service. Our drivers are standing by to serve you on your next adventure.

Meet the Team

Our mission has been to attract and align with some of the best talent who share the same vision of reaching and serving people in a way that goes beyond industry standards. Our leadership has international experience, seasoned personal attention and connection, and world-class excellence in experience marketing and more. Our drivers are our front-line servants and we cherish them like family and their compassion filters through to our clients.

Sunny Kumar

Founder & CEO

Sunny is a make-it-happen serial entrepreneur and corporate level executive. His sales and marketing training, coaching and consulting has allowed him to generate billions of dollars with accounts on every continent.

He started this next big adventure, while running other enterprises to dovetail his database of contacts in the technology, consumer products, and the adult beverages industry. Sunny is multi-lingual - speaking English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu.

Maria Baddour Paez

Executive Assistant

Maria has a background in Economics, has held positions in the administrative assistance, and has always shown seriousness, responsibility, and reliability in the exercise of her profession.

Maria has a high orientation to community service and volunteerism, which she has demonstrated in her commitment to various organizations such as hospitals, churches, and non-profit organizations. She is always willing help to others.


Hellen Kumar

Co-Founder & President

Hellen is an amazingly talented business leader. Her passion and focus is on her great ability to interact and offer an excellent customer service experience and improving the operations of companies.

She achieved her Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Advertising in South America and brings an international view on the types of clients we serve. She demonstrates the ability to communicate with a variety of audiences from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Hellen makes an important contribution to the communities we serve, given her background as a Spanish Interpreter in schools and governmental institutions.

Jimmy Smith

Senior Team Leader

Biography pending.

Jose Morin

Lead Executive Chauffeur

Corporate and Executive level experienced driver who has served business leaders, celebrities, and other VIPs.  Mr. Morin was born in Laredo and came to Houston and pursued a driving career in 1996, with a focus on the luxury market within the last decade.

He knows this city and enjoys being a driver to the kings and queens of our metroplex.  His mission is to serve the people in our town who make good things happen for others; providing an escape from the daily hectic tempo of life in a luxury vehicle, with an eye on making his client the focus of the attention he or she will receive with Rejoice Limousine Service.

He keeps a flexible schedule and has safely driven clients to Austin and Louisiana as they may require.  He hopes to one day Chauffeur for George Strait (if you are reading George, give him a call).

Sheryll Jones

VP Business Development

Sheryll has over 4 decades of corporate, community, and military service and leadership, with a focus on customer and client attention.

She organizes and promotes a team-oriented environment that is conducive for a successful staff, business and clients. She has an extensive background in recruitment and retention, mediation and records management. Sheryll collaborates with executives to translate business strategies, planning and ensures legal compliance. 

She has achieved her  Paralegal Certification, Masters Certificate HR Management / Mediation Certification and  Arbitrator Certification.

You can read more at LinkedIn.

Andy Valadez

Marketing Director

Andy Valadez is a market leader who has lead branding and development for clients such as the Home Depot, the United States Marine Corps, Machine Gun Preacher, Tulane University, the American Legion,, The Amazing Doc Greene Radio Show, Price of Business with Kevin Price, and more.

He is a husband and father, business owner, and U.S. Marine Veteran.  He graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree Marketing, with a focus on Public Relations and also Tulane University with an Applied Business Certificate.  He is a blue belt in GKR Karate.

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Reserve your memory

Our team is on standby to serve you now.  If you are just doing research for an upcoming event, have an emergency business meeting, or planning something special for a loved one, we can help.